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FTA receivers are particularly helpful for rural

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From Nfusion the only FTA receiver sold in the market now is Nfusion Nova($200). In the world of entertainment, particularly in case of satellite TV broadcast, there are many brand names attached with FTA receivers. Newer technologies in this arena have flooded the market with latest gadgets and equipment, some of them being quite expensive. In fact there is no simple solution to this common question.

FTA receivers allow you to save money on TV entertainment purpose since you do not have to subscribe to a paid cable/satellite broadcast package. There are also favorite Viewsat FTA models like Viewsat 9000HD V2($420), Viewsat Ultra ($160), Viewsat Extreme($420 production discontinued but you may find some in retail shops), Viewsat Lite($130), Viewsat PVR 7000 ($320) and Viewsat Pro($190). FTA receivers are basically of two types: standard definition and high definition. Some of these names are SonicView, Viewsat, Pansat, Coolsat, Fortec, BlackBird, UltraStar, Ariza, MultiStar, Digiwave, and Twinhan, CaptiveWorks, and Nfusion. What I suggest (and that is what I did) is searching for more information on them in the technology magazines or websites.

Most FTA transmissions use the popular MPEG-2 compression protocol and FTA receivers basic function is to decode this compression and produce broadcasts on TV or computer. I guess by now you have grown a lot of interest in FTA receivers (if you have not owned one already).Freedom and choices of FTA Receivers Satellite television has been entertaining us for over twenty years now. They are designed to receive and show only FTA transmissions. You may have a look at the technical specifications to choose your desired one. Pansat receivers have been doing good business for years. Amongst the top FTA receiver brands, Viewsat, Pansat, Nfusion and SonicView are some that you may take a look if you plan to buy a receiver. Some top notch SonicView branded receivers include, SonicView ST Optical Fiber Patch Cord SV4000($140), SonicView SV8000HD($420), SonicView 360 Elite($200) and SonicView 360 Premier($150).

You may ask which one is the best. It is no wonder that the business involving satellite TV broadcast is constantly growing. If you plan to buy one the above figures may give you an idea about the brands and general price range. Be careful about the difference between the stand alone receiver and the package price. You may find the same brand and model of FTA receivers (SonicView, Pansat, Viewsat or Nfusion) in different price range with or without a package (dish, LNB, switches included). Usually FTA receivers look like normal hardware boxes of DirecTV or Dish Networks but will not be able to decode their transmission.

FTA receivers are particularly helpful for rural areas where cable TV providers cannot reach and logistics of paid satellite broadcast is either unavailable or difficult. If that does not ring anything, FTA stands for Free-to-air and FTA receivers are the receivers that are able to show you the FTA satellite broadcast either on your TV Optical Fiber Adapter or PC. You must be familiar with what is called an FTA Receiver. I bet you will find yourself overwhelmed with the freedom and fun of free-to-air entertainment. They can decode only the unencrypted satellite broadcast. Their popular receiver models include Pansat 2700A($150), Pansat 2800A($160), Pansat 3500SD($180), Pansat 6000HXC($390), Pansat 250SM($190), Pansat 9200HD($430). . FTA receivers are also used extensively to see local, ethic or religious broadcast designed for special segment of people. Receivers from these two broad categories may have different model basing on recording option.

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